Drinking Fountains

O.E.M. Commercial Grade Drinking Fountains

Wholesale Drinking Fountains are available at Pacific Plumbing Specialties. With a selection of manufactures like Haws, Murdock, Oasis, and more. We also at a discounted price have complete fountains, bottle fillers, chiller units, and parts. Lastly we’re ready to ship anywhere you’re at accordingly. From schools, hospitals or any other facility as needed. With this in mind, come buy your drinking fountains at Pacific Plumbing Specialties.

Drinking Fountains are our specialty, and with 30 plus years of experience Pacific Plumbing Specialties can help with all your Drinking Fountain needs. We pride ourselves in the way we take care of our customers.

Shop our inventory now for O.E.M commercial grade Drinking Fountains.